Bangaroo Model Sheet

by Otter on 25th September 2022
Recently I finally made... An official Bangaroo model sheet!

I don't often make reference sheets of my characters, but since I want to get some art made of my main boy Bangaroo, I put this together. Once I amass some art or commissions of him, I plan to put them up together as a gallery on the website. If you end up making any art of him too, do let me know! I would love to add it to my (currently) small collection, and hopefully share it with the world soon.


Launch, but for real!

by Otter on 2nd August 2022

As of this post, Arc of the Spark is now officialy up. Even though there are a few more pieces to the site I want to improve, you can read the first eight pages of the comic now. As I've mentioned in the previous post, this won't be sticking to a regular update schedule, so that i can make sure the pages are of good quality and not rushed.

It's going to be a long ride, but I hope you'll enjoy it with me as we follow the stories of Bangaroo and the Spark League!

- Otter

Arc of the Spark - Soft Launch

by Otter on 26th July 2022
Hello! Welcome to my webcomic, Arc of the Spark.

As of this post, I'm still in the middle of setting up my website, and testing out plenty of layout things to make sure everything looks good (or at least presentable!). The site is still viewable if you've followed the right link, so while I'm building it, I'd love any feedback on if things don't look good or feel good to use on the site. This is run off Comicfury, so you may need an account to do certain things like comment. Or you can contact me privately.

I've also posted the first six pages of the comic! You can get a taste of the action you'll be seeing as I publish more of it. While most comics try to stick to a weekly publishing schedule, that has worked poorly for me in the past as it meant rushing things out that end up not looking so great. Instead I plan to take my time to make each page look great without rushing it. I may also release these pages in batches instead of just one-by-one, so they can end on interesting story beats.

That's all for the time being, but I hope to see you back here reading the comic soon!
If you wanna know when new updates come out, I'll announce them on my twitter at: